Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase


Website getfitstartsmart.com is property of the United Labs (hereinafter referred to as UL). UL allows the use of services and content of getfitstartsmart.com website which is regulated by these Terms of Use.


Terms of Use prescribe the terms and conditions for end users and refer to the use of the website getfitstartsmart.com. By using the website, end users expressed their agreement with the General Terms of Use and Conditions and agree to the use of the website getfitstartsmart.com in accordance with those terms.


Access to the website getfitstartsmart.com sometimes may not be possible due to construction, maintenance or adding new content, and in cases of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of UL which we will try to resolve as soon as possible.


All materials contained on getfitstartsmart.com website are the exclusive intellectual property of United Labs and can be used only with the express permission of copyright holders and holders of rights to trademarks and / or design.


User can send inquiries and comments in writing, by mail or by e-mail, and UL will send a written response by mail or e-mail within the legal deadline.


For the purposes of these conditions of purchase, the customer is a physical or legal person who orders at least one product, fill in the required information and pay the ordered product through the website getfitstartsmart.com or on delivery.


For a valid purchase order, person who fills in the order must be older than 18 years of age (business acumen).


Customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information upon registration.


UL reserves the right to modify these conditions of purchase, and may do so without notice.


Any changes will apply to the use of getfitstartsmart.com website.


UL commits to state the retail price in a clear, visible and legible manner.


In accordance with its decision, UL will periodically offer certain products on promotional sales at the price which is lower than the regular price of these products, and this price will be presented in clear, visible and legible manner.


After expiration of the promotional sale, UL will not be receiving orders under the terms related to the promotional sales that have expired.


Information products on getfitstartsmart.com are made on based on UL database.


Product information (product description, price, etc.) shown in getfitstartsmart.com subject to bugs, application errors and other technical irregularities, typographical errors and the like. In the case of obvious errors or irregularities with respect to products data displayed on getfitstartsmart.com, UL reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.


The subject of the order may only be the products which are indicated in the order as available in stock and products that not available in stock, but can be supplied within 7 business days, not including Saturday.


Due to the large number of orders that are simultaneously submitted to getfitstartsmart.com, it is possible that information on the availability of the product is not identical with the situation in the warehouse.


If the ordered product is not available in stock, UL will inform the customer that the product is not currently available, the period in which it will be available and also offer the option to purchase alternative products from getfitstartsmart.com which is available for delivery, and by its characteristics the closest to the product that cannot be delivered.


Products are ordered by selection, by using the menu and filling out the online form. The product is considered to be ordered when the customer finishes the entire order process.


Payment of ordered products can be done in the following ways:

By COD – paying with cash on delivery


Once the order is received, UL will electronically, in the form of an e-mail, inform the customer that the order has been received and that the product was successfully commissioned.


If the customer does not receive notification from the previous paragraph, it is suggested to check the following:

Is the message in Junk / Spam folder
Is the mailbox is full
Is e-mail address properly written
Whether the items are in the shopping cart after logging on the webiste getfitstartsmart.com and in the case they are not, customer needs to repeat the ordering process


Each product has its detailed information – name of the product, a brief description, price, quantity and whether it is available in stock.


By selecting a particular product, that product is being placed in the menu “Shopping Cart”.


Prices highlighted on the site next to each product are valid for cash payments.


By accessing the “Shopping Cart” menu, the customer gets access to selected products, their quantity and price.


The product which has been added to the “Cart” is purchased by clicking on the “Order” button.


After clicking the “Order” button, the customer gets access to the order form in which you are required to enter personal information. If the customer’s personal data differ from the recipient’s personal data, you need to choose the listed option and accurately indicate the recipient’s data as well.


During ordering process, there will be shipping cost indicated near every product.


Shipping cost is included in the price of the product.


After receiving the order data, the screen will display the note confirming that the purchase order is received and the customer will receive order confirmation to designated e-mail address.


All prices are in Euros (€).


Occasionally, we give special promotion coupons, benefits and discounts to our Facebook friends and newsletter subscribers. If you do not receive our newsletter, do not miss your chance and sign up here.


The coupon is usually a word or string of characters. For the discount, type in the exact text and / or signs on the coupon, confirm it – and the discount will be automatically calculated. The field for the coupon entry is in the “Cart” in the third step of the payment process. So take advantage of these benefits before you complete your purchase.


Coupons can be limited in duration and number of usage. Also discounts can be applied only to a single product, to a limited selection of product or promotional sale. All discounts terms will be clearly indicated when sending coupons. If at any time you get stuck, we will help you, please contact us.


The products can be ordered for delivery to all areas of the Republic of Croatia, under the conditions that apply to every area of delivery.


Delivery on the Croatian territory is done through the delivery service selected by UL.


The shipping cost includes packaging of the product.


The product price includes delivery.


UL is committed to deliver the ordered product within 30 days of signing the contract.


Delivery is carried out in accordance with the conditions of delivery service, and is considered to be completed at the time of giving the product over to delivery service.


If the product sent to the customer or the recipient comes back to UL because delivery services could not carry out the delivery, the customer will be informed about it by e-mail and will be offered the following options:


To have ordered product, at the request of the customer by email, re-deliver to the address of the customer or recipient


If the customer does not respond to this email within three days, the selected product will be sent by courier service to the address of the customer.


When UL via courier service delivers the product to the customer or recipient, the customer or recipient is required to sign on the receipt, which confirms that the product is properly supplied.


In the event that the customer orders goods and refuses to accept it, UL has the right to withhold, from the amount of product retail price paid, the amount of shipping and other handling costs.


UL is liable for physical damage of goods sold on its website in accordance with applicable regulations of the Republic of Mauritius.


Ordered products are packaged in a way so that ordinary manipulation in transport / delivery does not cause damage.


If the item is damaged in transport, such damage is visible at the moment of delivery, in which case we suggest the customer not to accept the package. We ask customers to contact us so we can check the condition of the package as soon as possible and send a new one.


In the case of apparent defect of the product at delivery, the customer is not required to accept product shipped, can refuse to receive it, and does not bear the delivery costs of such product. It is considered that the products which were duly received by the customer did not have a visible defect.


Upon receiving the goods, checking the validity of the product depends on the customer, and the customer is obliged to compare the received items with the account. If something is missing, the customer is required to notify the UL, within eight days, by serving the written notice to UL because late claims will not be accepted.


By refusing to accept the package, delivery service will return the shipment to UL, noting that the package is defected.


If the product has a hidden defect (the one that could not be detected by the usual inspection at the time of delivery) that the customer finds after opening the product – the customer has the right to have the product replaced. The customer is obliged to give written notice about the product defect within the three days of product takeover because late claims will not be accepted.


The customer may unilaterally terminate the contract within 30 days without giving any reasons.


The customer has no right to unilaterally terminate the contract:


– If the subject of the contract are sealed products which due to medical or hygienic reasons are not suitable for return, if it was unsealed after the delivery,


– If the subject of the contract are products which, because of its nature, are inseparably mixed with other things after the delivery


– If the subject of the contract are perishable products or products with quickly expiring shelf life


In order for customer to exercise the right to unilateral termination of the contract, he must give notification about his decision on the unilateral termination of the contract before the deadline with unambiguous statement sent by post or email, which will list his name, address, telephone number, fax or email address.


We will provide you with receipt confirmation of your notification of the unilateral termination of the contract without delay by e-mail.


The 14 days deadline for unilateral termination of the contract begins to run from the date the customer or a third party specified by the customer, which is not a carrier, is handed over in the possession the product which is the subject of the contract.


If the customer unilaterally terminates the contract, UL is required to return the money received, including the costs of delivery, without delay, and no later than 30 days from the day when the products were returned to UL.


Refunds will be paid back to the current account of the customer.


The customer is obliged to hand over the product or sent it (to the address where it will be sent) without undue delay, and in any case not later than 14 days from the date the customer sent its decision on the unilateral termination of the contract.


The direct cost of returning the product shall be borne by the customer.


The buyer is liable for any impairment of the goods resulting from handling of goods, other than what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.


UL is solely responsible for the content of the getfitstartsmart.com and is not responsible for the content of partner sellers of our products, their method of advertising nor the content of their website and / or sale venue.


By using the services of UL web shop you accept these Terms of Purchase.


If you do not agree with the terms, do not use this website and nor order products through it.


This website contains information about products and services of UL and serves as electronic point of sale – web shop.


UL is not responsible for any damage resulting from use of this website and using the information from this website for purposes that go beyond the scope of their intended purpose.


By accepting these Terms of Purchase customer agrees to the terms of these conditions and accepts they are an integral part of the contract.


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